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Design Trend: Almost Too Many Layers

Trends / 27 Jun 2022

Design Trend: Almost Too Many Layers

Have you noticed this trend in website design: layers on layers? I feel like I’ve been seeing more of it everywhere recently, and it’s a polarising one!

This is a design technique that can range from amazing in terms of visuals and usability to disastrous quickly. It’s clear that there’s a middle ground where it works, but it’s very easy to go too far!

Here, we’ll look at some ways to use it most effectively and a little more about what this design trend is about.

35+ Best Food & Product Packaging Templates in 2022

Mockup Templates / 27 Jun 2022

35+ Best Food & Product Packaging Templates in 2022

Product packaging design is not just about making a container for a product. It’s also about persuasion and creating a positive experience.

That’s exactly why you can’t learn packaging design by watching few a YouTube videos. There are certain guidelines and standards you need to follow. So if you’re looking to design packaging for a product, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Or, you could use templates.

In this post, we feature a set of packaging templates for various types of products. They are designed by professionals so you won’t have to hire someone else for the job.

Also, remember that you can customize these templates however you like. A packaging template for a coffee brand can be used to create a cookie packaging design if you want to.

5 Procreate Tips for Pro iPad Design

Procreate Brushes / 24 Jun 2022

5 Procreate Tips for Pro iPad Design

Procreate is the main reason artists fell in love with the iPad Pro. It’s the app that transformed the iPad into the portable drawing pad that every artist dreamed of.

Procreate is an app full of amazing features and possibilities. Today we share with you some of the best Procreate tips to help you make the most of this app.

Whether you’re just getting started with iPad Pro and Procreate or an expert looking for useful tips, this guide will surely help you create professional art using the popular iOS app.

How to Choose the Right Font for Readability

Font Collections / 24 Jun 2022

How to Choose the Right Font for Readability

It’s an age-old question: What is the best font for a website design?

Depending on who you ask, you might get an answer that includes a specific typeface. (Designers will joke about using Helvetica for everything, but it’s doubtful as a best practice.)

The more likely question is this: What is the most readable font for a website design? And the answer is rooted in core design principles that can help you choose a beautiful, and highly readable, typeface.

Here’s how you choose the right font for readability (with examples of great font choices for inspiration).

20+ Best Lightroom LUTs for Photography (For Stunning Photos)

Lightroom Presets / 23 Jun 2022

20+ Best Lightroom LUTs for Photography (For Stunning Photos)

One of the most common misconceptions about photography is believing that you need to have an expensive camera to take better photos.

But if you’ve ever explored the Instagram page for iPhone Photography Awards, you’ll see how people around the world use the simple cameras on a smartphone to take incredible shots that win awards.

The secret behind these stunning photos, however, lies in post-processing. That’s where photographers use tools like Lightroom to improve the photos by enhancing certain adjustments and with vibrant filters.

Today, we bring you lots of amazing Lightroom LUTs and effects you can use to give new life to your own photos. There are many different kinds of LUTs in this list, including a few free downloads. Have a look.

20+ Vertical Video Templates for Premiere Pro (For Instagram + More)

Premiere Pro Templates / 22 Jun 2022

20+ Vertical Video Templates for Premiere Pro (For Instagram + More)

Getting more views and engagement for Instagram and TikTok content is now tougher than ever, especially with millions of new videos being uploaded every day.

Making interesting video content is no longer enough to grab the attention of your followers. You also need to make videos that look trendier and more creative.

This is where you can take advantage of Premiere Pro and use vertical video templates to make more unique content for your social channels.

We gathered a collection of cool vertical video templates you can use to make all kinds of social media video content. Whether it’s an Instagram story promoting a product or a TikTok to get more followers, this list has all kinds of vertical video templates for Premiere Pro. Check them all out below.

25+ Beanie and Hat Mockup Templates (Free & Premium)

Mockup Templates / 22 Jun 2022

25+ Beanie and Hat Mockup Templates (Free & Premium)

Beanies and hats are one of the most popular branded “swag” items out there, and are a common choice for businesses wanting to create products with their brand or logo on them – it’s both a functional item, and a marketing tool! But what if you go through all the trouble of creating a design, choosing a hat style and paying for manufacturing and shipping, only for it to arrive and look nothing like you imagined?

That’s where our list of mockup templates comes in. We’ve curated a list of the very best, professionally designed mockups out there for you to choose from – simply insert your design into the template, and you’ll instantly have a realistic idea of what your design will look like.

Plus, we’ve included both free and premium options, with a range of different hat types and aesthetics, to make sure that there’s something for every possible need.

Let’s get started!

Ipbase: A Geolocation API Packed With Features and Data

Reviews / 21 Jun 2022

Ipbase: A Geolocation API Packed With Features and Data

Looking for a geolocation API that includes all the data you need in terms of global coverage? Look no further than ipbase.

ipbase is a feature-rich API that’s easy to use and has a free plan to help you discover how this tool can work for you. Plus, the accompanying documentation is extensive, and clear to understand. You’ll have no problem getting started.

Here, we’re going to take a look at ipbase, key features, and practical application of the tool.

20+ Photoshop Photo Effects for Stunning Creative Photos

Photoshop Actions / 21 Jun 2022

20+ Photoshop Photo Effects for Stunning Creative Photos

One of the best things about using Photoshop is how it gives you the freedom to let your creativity run wild and experiment with different effects.

When Photoshop first went mainstream, everyone used it to make photo manipulations and try different styles of effects on photos to make them look more fun and unique.

Well, now you can do all those fun things using pre-made templates. Today, we brought you a collection of cool Photoshop photo effects you can use to make your photos look more creative and unique.

You’ll find lots of different photo effects and photo overlays in this list. They are easy to edit and use with various types of photos. We included a few free photo effects and tutorials as well. Download them all below.

Instagram Grid Templates: 20 Examples + Tips

Instagram Templates / 20 Jun 2022

Instagram Grid Templates: 20 Examples + Tips

A secret used by some of the boldest visual brands on Instagram is to use a grid or puzzle template. What this style of template does is create 12 cohesive panels that come together as a single image when someone visits your Instagram profile page.

The trick here is that the panels have to work equally well as single image posts and together as a whole. It can be difficult to pull off if you are not careful.

A template can make it a lot easier to figure out and manage. You can create one yourself, or download a ready-made option (best if you are looking for quick and easy). Here, we are looking at 10 great Instagram grid templates with tips for how you can take the inspiration from each and use it with your images on your social media account.

The Website Redesign Checklist: 10 Key Considerations

Graphics / 20 Jun 2022

The Website Redesign Checklist: 10 Key Considerations

It’s something most brands or companies have to do every three to five years: tackle a website redesign.

The speed of technology is constantly changing, design trends evolve, and overall functionality requirements make a semi-regular redesign a must to ensure your presence online is modern and usable. It’s a big project, but with the right planning, it can go smoothly.

Here, we’ll outline 10 key considerations to think about when you undertake the next website redesign project.

You can use this list as a checklist to help manage your project.

20+ Best Social Media Marketing PowerPoint Templates

PowerPoint Templates / 19 Jun 2022

20+ Best Social Media Marketing PowerPoint Templates

As a social media professional, presentations are an inevitable part of your job and a vital part of your career growth. Presentations can be a challenge, but they’re also an opportunity. Whether you’re presenting a new social strategy, proving the ROI of a campaign, or pitching a business to a new client, the basics of successful presentation are the same.

If that gives you nervous butterflies, not to worry! Honing your presentation skills takes time, patience and practice.

That said, if you want to knock your next social media marketing presentation out of the park, you must check out our list of the best social media PowerPoint templates.

20+ Best Comic Book Style Photoshop Actions (+ Pop Art Actions)

Photoshop Actions / 18 Jun 2022

20+ Best Comic Book Style Photoshop Actions (+ Pop Art Actions)

Drawing comic book-style pop art can be quite a difficult process, even for experienced graphic designers.

But that’s okay because as a designer you don’t have to be good at everything. You just need to work smarter and find ways to get things done faster. Like learning to use Photoshop actions.

With Photoshop comic book effects and pop art actions, you can instantly give your graphics, photos, and artworks a comic book look and feel.

Today, we bring you some of the best pop art and comic book Photoshop actions you can use to achieve that goal. These actions are easy to use and work perfectly with all kinds of design projects. Grab a few actions from the list and start experimenting.

20+ Best Product & Service Catalog Templates (Free + Pro)

Brochure Templates / 17 Jun 2022

20+ Best Product & Service Catalog Templates (Free + Pro)

When it comes to guiding purchase decisions and educating customers in person, nothing is more effective than a product or service catalog.

Some might argue that websites have replaced the need for catalogs. But when dealing with a client or customer in person, the feel of a professionally designed catalog in their hands has a much better impact than just viewing a web page on a phone or tablet.

That’s exactly why many businesses, even startups, still invest in product and service catalogs.

If you still don’t have a catalog for your business, you’re missing out on a lot of big opportunities. Thankfully, you don’t have to invest a ton of money to make a great-looking catalog. Just use templates.

Explore our handpicked product catalog templates collection below to find a suitable design for your business. And start generating more sales!

How to Design a Professional PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Templates / 17 Jun 2022

How to Design a Professional PowerPoint Presentation

Our series of tips on presentation design outlined some generic rules and ideas that you can live by to create better, more professional presentations. Today we want to follow that up by taking you through the actual process of designing a presentation from start to finish.

We’ll break down every step of the design process, from choosing colors and images to using whitespace properly. After reading through this you should be all set to design your own beautiful presentation slides that will put your coworkers to shame.

Using a pre-built PowerPoint template can be a good starting point for many people (we collected some of the best PowerPoint templates for you!). But if you’re wanting to design your own from start-to-finish, you’re in the right place!

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